Kidus Hailesilassie


Kandaka’ is a three-part installation consisting in a room-scale short film projection, a virtual reality experience, and a 3d-printed monument of Amanirenas (from 40bc)—a one-eyed warrior and ancient Kandaka (meaning royal and/or revolutionary woman) of the Kushite Empire’s last capital, Meroe, now a UNESCO world heritage site in modern day Sudan. She controlled commerce on the Nile and defeated Augustus’ Roman forces who attempted to gain control of the region. The installation is being developed with game engine technology and features extremely precise, geo-referenced ruins from the major archaeological sites in Kerma, Napata, and Meroe, all reconstructed in 3D with photogrammetry. This installation is conceived as a form of emancipatory thought and resistance to historic erasure of Nubian history, reclaiming Amanirenas’ strength, legacy, and future potentialty.

Directed By - Ainslee Alem Robson
3D modeling and installation design - Kidus Hailesilassie
Scene design and creative direction - Ainlsee Alem Robson and Kidus Hailesilassie

Temporal Geographies
Fragments of pictographs, ideographs, and syllabaries were collected from historical records, books, calendars, and paintings building upon the foundation of Saki Mafundikwa’s research published in his book “Afrikan Alphabets” This collection of written characters was later transformed into a 3D data sculpture.

Room Scale Projection